Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Continuing with the European low while taking into account the constant increase in the value of fuel, which impacts directly on the diesel market products and / or nafteros, Toyota Highlander model has desarrallado in hybrid versions which already is being marketed.
The Highlander Hybrid incorporate a power tailgate with separate opening glass, folding third-row seat to be getting a completely flat load space. Ten cupholders, driver's seat adjustable in 8 positions, with steering wheel controls, audio system, air conditioning system, Bluetooth hands-free, activated DVD navigation system via voice, MP3 connector, camera mirror.
ABS, electric distribution of the braking force (EBD), brake assistance, traction control, stability control (VSC), Active Head restraints, airbags Supplemental containment system (SRS) for driver and front passenger, side airbags mounted in front seats, curtain airbags and sensor dump knee airbags.
Hybrid System
In normal use the traditional engine-assisted electric motor according to the need, features a hybrid system indicator that shows the economic level as the Hybrid Synergy Drive uses a more efficient source of energy.
The motor has a total power of 270 HP generated as follows: 209 HP naftero generated by a V6 engine of 3.3 liters and the rest by three electric motors. Sen the latter separated into three parts, one for the front, one for the rear and a third train that serves as a generator motor, starter motor and transmission control.
It works in two modes, EV and ECON.
EV Mode: Select this mode when it is operated exclusively by the electric motor to minimize noise and emissions ECON Mode: This system automatically modifies the response of the control valve which allows a more economical operation.

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