Toyota hybrids sold used Offer extended warranties and service

Torrence, Calif. - Toyota has launched a new program of sales of hybrid vehicles, certified used by the company (TCUH, its English acronym) to "attract new buyers."

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The company noted that the inspection program will provide extra security to this kind of vehicles certified by Toyota. The vehicles under the program TCUH offer a guarantee of three months or 3 thousand miles and a limit of seven years or 100 thousand of the motor plant, as well as roadside assistance. Toyota said the new program includes inspection of 14 additional points to add to the 160 vehicles that exist for traditional certificates. The inspection includes review of key components of hybrid system, such as transmission control modules and battery. "The program is a great way to raise awareness of hybrid vehicles used certificates. As more hybrids enter the market for used vehicles, Toyota Hybrids Certificates offer high quality options to customers," said Steve Gallagher, manager of schedule. Toyota has three hybrid models in its product line, led by the Prius. The other two are the Camry Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid SUV.

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