Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry hybrid is of type saloon with capacity for five passengers with front-wheel drive. The price is U $ S 26,150. The engine is comprised of its share of gasoline, a four-cylinder 2.4 liters, and its power, a synchronous motor of 105 kW. The battery is 244.8 volts, with a weight of 150 pounds of nickel hydride comprising 204 cells. The transmission is controlled electronically, with all that, his power reaches 187 horsepower combined. Its fuel consumption is 33 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. The description of the vehicles is as follows: the type of front suspension is independent MacPherson Strut with stabilizer bar and rear, dual-link independent with stabilizer bar, the address is; power assisted rack and pinion with a turning radius of 36 , 1 inch. The brakes have an anti lock system with integrated regenerative braking system. Coming soon will be released only on electric model. Also seen this movement of Toyota, the Ford Motor Company is planning the arrival of the Ford Fusion with a yield of 43 mpg, well above the model, so that competition in the market for hybrids in this year 2009 will be very interesting. It remains to be seen other examples that come onto the market and which of them offer us models of the hydrogen engine.

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